How to set requested retention lower than 70%?

I have a deck in which I add difficult or involving questions. I want to review its contents very rarely since the questions are often lengthy. Is it possible to review a card after an entire week even if I press “Hard” on it? I am using FSRS and since it’s a global setting I can’t do anything other than shift my deck onto a different profile.

I also think it would be a good idea to allow retentions higher than 97 or lower than 70, and simply display a warning (like it already does for many settings when FSRS is turned on) if the user is doing something that would usually be considered suboptimal.

When you decrease the retention lower than 70%, the workload will increase rather than decreasing.

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Is this true for decks which don’t contain byte-sized chunks of information, and instead have entire questions consisting of several concepts?

It could be worse in questions consisting of several concepts:

I have a separate deck for flashcards in which each card tests only a specific fact or concept. It’s just that I need to practice questions relating to those concepts as well (because I heard spaced + interleaved practice is better than week-before-exam massed practice…)

For example, knowing integration forms isn’t enough because I need practice in solving them as well. Is there a way I can space this practice using Anki?

It’s not about the retention here. Maybe you need a set of parameters fitting these practices.