How to set font for spell-test ("type:____" field)

When working with the spell test function on Anki Desktop i.e. {{type:WordUnderTest}}, no matter how I set the font family in card styling, it comes out with a very blocky old-style font. It’s fine in English, but my cards have Hebrew and it really looks quite horrible and hard to read. Would love some help in getting it changed.
֬It’s fine when typing the word,

but when the comparison is generated, the font changes

The card template is as follows:


function playAudio(){
var audioDiv = document.getElementById(‘audio’);
var audio = audioDiv.getElementsByTagName(“*”);




You should be able to change the font family of the comparison text on the back of the card by using #typeans as a selector (Styling section).

For example

#typeans {
 font-family: Arial;
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Sorry, I should’ve read more carefully before responding.

That worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

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Is there a related way to change the font in the text box while typing? Now that the unreadability problem is fixed the mismatch between fonts is annoying me.

Try adding !important


#typeans {
 font-family: Arial !important;

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