How to retrieve a lost Deck because of a BACKUP

Hello guys,
I recently reverted to a Backup due to some undesired issues.
And only yesterday I noticed that I lost a Deck accidentally, possibly I might have created that deck after the Backup date which I used to revert back to.

And my personal data on Google Sheets denotes, the Deck was completed on 14th March 2023. Therefore, I possibly have reverted to backup before 14th March.

Please advise me on how to get the Deck back preserving all my newly added cards. And I have created lots of cards even up to yesterday.
Will it work this way…? If I revert to the backup to 14th March and export the particular deck somewhere, and then revert to the latest backup and import it to the list?

Thank you

Kindest regards
Dr Rizan

This should work.

Create a backup of your current database. Restore the old backup. Export the currently missing notes. Restore the backup of your current database. Import the notes.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Yes, I’ll try to do it that way and hope it works.
Appreciate your valuable advice.

Hello friend,
Thank you so much for the great help. That really worked and I’m pleased about that.
Appreciate your kind work.
God bless you and good luck on your journey

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