How to remove Custom Study Session?

There doesn’t seem a way to delete a deck in the mobile app

Swipe left.

Edited for clarification: Swipe left in the list of decks.

[snappy remark removed]

Swipe left from what screen? Swipe left does nothing, it just takes me back to the Decks screen

Common courtesy goes a long way - especially when you’re asking people for help.

Try the other left.

Edit: I just realized you may be swiping left from the deck itself - in that case go to the decks screen and swipe left on the Custom Study Session you want to delete.


Sorry I honestly thought they were making fun of my request with a tinder joke.

“Swipe” to me means swiping the whole screen. It’s also how the term is used in the settings.

I got it now, i need to drag the deck entry in the decks list left. That works, thanks


Swiping list items to the left or right to act on them is a common form of interface interaction on iOS (e.g. in the or

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Maybe, but it works completely different on Android, and that’s what I am more used to.

Also, swipe normally refers to a whole screen gesture, the one you are referring to is “drag”. But thanks for your help, got there in the end

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