How to make different "Image occluded cards" from the same "Image" as sibling

I am using Anki Version ⁨2.1.56 Qt 5 with V3 Scheduler.

When I am using Image occlusion and creating multiple cards from the same Image they are not being buried while studying and all of them appears on the same day even though in my options I have “Bury new siblings” ON.

I have a couple of related concerns

  1. Why is Anki not burying these image occluded cards made from the same Image ?

  2. And if Anki does not recognize Image occluded cards as siblings then is there any way or Addon to make Image occluded cards as siblings ?

I have the following Addons installed

  1. Image Occlusion Enhanced
  2. Suspend siblings until mature
  3. Delay siblings

If you make them from the IO Enhanced add-on – the cards are not siblings. That’s the answer to pretty much all of your questions.

If you upgrade to at least version 23.10, you can use built-in IO – and the cards will be siblings.