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How to load data from a local database (SQLite) into card?

I am creating some similar decks that use the exact same long text strings in some fields, and could take a lot of storage. So I thought of putting the data in a database (in the media folder) and only putting the keys in the field to save space. And then pull the text string according to that field, something like this:
Get String At {{keyField}}

Is this possible? And what is the syntax to do it?

I’m not entirely sure this is possible as you’ve conceived it because of security issues within a browser (or browser-like) context. Someone would have to comment on whether there’s a workaround for that; I don’t know. But there are other ways to go about it. You could run a server and make API calls to your SQLite database from Javascript in your card template. I’ve done this with a Flask app that receives API calls from my cards. (Different purpose than yours, but same concept.)

Confirm, though, that the smart-phone clients support this. I think AnkiDroid is complaining about external information from some URLs on my cards.

Thank you both!
Since using an SQLite database doesn’t seem to be possible, I thought of a different approach.
I put the data in a JavaScript array. It is essentially the same concept.

It seems however that Anki Desktop (Windows 10 Version ⁨2.1.43 ⁩) doesn’t work well with JS for some reason. The script is being executed on the front side of the first card only (in a session)!
I confirmed that it works perfectly on AnkiDroid for every single card.

Edit: I found the reason it didn’t work on desktop; I should have used var instead of const for the array.