How to know my intervals based on the parameters?

0.1888, 0.5601, 0.7379, 0.8869, 5.5090, 2.0290, 0.7779, 0.2437, 1.7446, 0.4788, 0.8681, 2.0449, 0.0926, 0.2593, 1.9408, 0.3539, 3.9999

Is there a way to generate intervals based on these parameters?

How to use it: input parameters, desired retention and a sequence of ratings (grades). 1=Again, 2=Hard, etc. And it will output the optimal intervals.
It’s not fully up to date, there have been some minor changes to the algorithm, but it should be mostly accurate.
Btw, I’m guessing you haven’t updated to Anki 24.04, you’re probably using 23.10 or 23.12? I suggest updating.