How to integrate HTML with Anki Qt

Hello guys, I’ve created an Anki addon that provides the option to do a pronunciantion assessment using Azure Speech Services, but I’m not so familiar with Qt in general and I want to create a good result overview. Right now, I’m just displaying some information with showInfo method from aqt, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to render a full html page with retrieved information from Azure API and display it to the user.

This is how it looks right now:

Any help appreciated.

Look at AnkiWebView.

Here is an example of how I use it in one of my add-ons: aglish/ at d34eed157b1e97cdee27b2eab079e76b92bf4ef7 · abdnh/aglish · GitHub

Note that I use it to display an external site, but in your case, you probably want to use the .setHtml() method instead and pass it your HTML.