How to filter all new cards with a learned sibling?

Hi, I sometimes filter some cards to learn them before their normal order in the deck. So, their siblings won’t show up before long time … is there a way to filter them (without using tags) in order to see them before the rest?

Is there a reason why you don’t want to use tags to do it? Because yes, there’s a way, but it does require using tags (or marked would work too, anything at the note level).

In broad strokes – you need find the cards that are not New, and then use their notes to show you any sibling cards that are still New.

  1. Search -is:new -is:suspended
  2. Select All > Add Tags > new-check [tags are assigned at the note level, so all sibling cards will be tagged]
  3. Make sure your toggle is set to “Cards” view
  4. Search tag:new-check is:new -is:suspended [these are the New siblings that you haven’t studied yet]
  5. Select All > Add Tags > new-sibling [tags are assigned at the note level, so all sibling cards will be tagged]
  6. [Clean-up: delete new-check tag]

Now that you’ve found them, you can Reposition (Browsing - Anki Manual) them to the “front” of your New queue (on a note, this will only affect the New cards), or create a Filter/Custom deck (Filtered Decks - Anki Manual) to study them all at once.


I didn’t want to use tag because I have to do those steps quite often. Well, thanks to your detailed answer, I now realize that’s not a big deal : I can have a filtered deck with this query : tag:new-check is:new -is:suspended and I would only have to repeat the steps 1 and 2 + refresh the filtered deck.

Should I understand that your answer implies that there is no other way? (in that case that will be my solution :slight_smile:)

I can’t guarantee you there’s no other way, but this is how I’ve done it, and I’ve not been able to figure out anything else. But I think that’s a great modification if this is something you’ll need continually.

If this is a recurring problem for you, is there a reason why you don’t introduce the reverse cards in this same filtering process when you introduce their siblings?

The reverse card goes through the same filtering process but it’s something like this: I learn 10 cards a day. Sometimes, I will filter like 10 notes one day and 10 more the day after, so I learned 10 “fronts” the first day, but their backs siblings will be mixed with the 20 new fronts and backs, and so on.

Today I tried your method and it’s quite convenient, thanks!

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