How to downgrade the Anki version?

as a beginner of Anki I made a stupid mistake.

Hoping some “problems” I had with the version 2.1.49 will be solved with the new 2.1.50 Beta 2 version I upgraded it.
(With other Apps I would never ever have done it, especially installing a beta version.)

Experimenting especially with language Decks I use the add-one
Awesome TTS, but that add-on doesn’t work anymore.
(Add-on DeepL works fine.)
Focusing on language decks Awesome TTS is very, very important for me!

How can I downgrade the version to 2.1.49?
Very essential to me:
not loosing all the decks - nearly 1,000 records - I’ve already modified?

Thanks, Peter El Salvador, then just install the older version.

thanks, I’ve done it already, no record are lost.