How to delete a card in a note?

Dear support,

I created a template with 2 card types, so 1 note will generate 2 cards.

In some scenarios,I want to delete one of cards in a note, but there is only the delete NOTE menu in the browser. if I choice delete note, all the cards will be deleted.

Could you tell me how to delete one of card in a note.

Thanks a lot.

I think there’s no way to manually delete single cards.
If some of them are empty go to Tools > Empty Cards and Anki will delete them for you.

What you can do is to go to the Browser and suspend the cards you do not want

[EDIT: if you do not always need a second card, you could edit the note’s template and add some condition for its creation. Similarly to the way the “Basic (optional reversed card)” note type works]


Got it, Thank you very much.