How to create cloze deletions with ChatGPT and then import them?

I am using chatgpt to generate cards which I import after. But with cloze deletions cards I am struggling with finding a working format.

I want chatgpt to generate several different cards all at once and then I would import them in bulk. Not one by one.

At the moment I am trying it with glutanimates plugin for anki 2.65.

Or do you know maybe a better way to create cards for lists (maybe there is another addon)?

Also usually I add to my answers also a longer answer which explains more thorough. But I noticed that with cloze deletion cards that all cards will have the same explanation. That would mean that after uncovering the first cloze I will see the explanation which gives me the answer for all the following clozes.

Thats a bit of a problem. (I have to say that I never used clozes before, so mayber there is an abovious way to solve that which I am just not seeing)