How to create cards having tree diagram?

I want to create cards having tree diagrams. Is there any method or addons which can do this? Please tell me.

You can use HTML ( and if necessary some Javascript ( to make things dynamic.

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Thanks for answering, I don’t want to do that huge work. Is there any tool which makes tree diagrams as images? So that, I can then import in Anki.

You can use some tool as a HTML editor (maybe a WYSIWYG one [What You See Is What You Get]). Here is a random online tool I found:, you could search for others if you do not line that one.

The problem is I want some easy and fast way. It seems there isn’t any.:pensive:

You could search for some addon for Anki. After a quick search I found this one you could try out: extended editor for field (for tables, search&replace, …)

Thanks, more I wanted to know if there is a software or tool to make tree diagrams and export as images?

You can try something like or search on google by online diagram