How to create Anki like statistics graphics?

I’m collecting some data to keep record of the statistical use of my addon. I’m saving this data to a json file with this format:

    "27/01/2023": {
        "assessments": 1.0,
        "words": 8.0,
        "avg_accuracy": 93.0,
        "avg_fluency": 99.0,
        "avg_pronunciation": 95.6,
        "pronunciation_time": 4.01

Now I want to create some graphs for vizualizing it and I found the built-in Anki graphics pretty beutiful. I looked at the source code and find out that it is built using Svelte and Typescript, but I’m not familiar with these technologies. Someone can provide me more details how to build these graphics or if are there addons that can give me some north?

You probably have to get familiar with Svelte and Typescript and maybe read Anki’s source code to learn how to display similar graphs. Alternatively, check how the following add-ons visualize things:


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