How to create a sync server on Synology NAS with Python


I want to setup a sync server on Synology NAS.
As ankicommunity/ankicommunity-sync-server does not work regardin to ankicommunity-sync-server/issues/158 with the current versions I read in the official manual that it can be done via Python.

As Synology NAS has Python installed, the question is how to setup it with python:

Aim is that it can be used with reverse proxy, e.g. anki.blabla.dynv6 . net

In the instructions are only that commands mentioned:

python3 -m venv ~/syncserver
~/syncserver/bin/pip install anki
SYNC_USER1=user:pass ~/syncserver/bin/python -m anki.syncserver

Should user and pass changed to the username and the passwort?
Which port is used internally that I can map it with the internal reverse proxy?
How can I use the folder /volume1/anki/data as sync folder?
How can I check if the server is running; how to stop the server?
How to deinstall it?

A docker container can not be creater from the official sync code right?

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