Docker Container for sync (self hosted)

Is there a docker container for self hosting of the anki sync server with works with current Ankidroid?

I read in the official explanations that its also possible to install with pip but I think for e.g. Synology NAS a docker container would be also very nice.

Any updates for a docker container?

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Thank you very much.
I tried it and set a reverse proxy that I can access via
When I try to login I got this error. I’m not sure what I did wrong

2024-03-06T19:40:34.152893Z  INFO listening addr=
2024-03-06T19:43:29.307046Z  INFO request{uri="/sync/hostKey" ip=""}: context="invalid user/pass in get_host_key" source=None httpstatus=403
2024-03-06T19:43:29.307176Z  INFO request{uri="/sync/hostKey" ip=""}: finished elap_ms=0 httpstatus=403

EDIT: Found the issue.
I used
- SYNC_USER1=“felix:password!123#”
instead of
- SYNC_USER1=felix:password!123#