How to convert Flashcards to Word/PDF

I want to export some of my flashcards into a word document so that I can revise on it.
Does anyone know how to export a deck or a tag into word?

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You can edit notes in the Browse window. But if that’s not sufficient for your needs, try this instead: Open the Browse window and select the cards you want to export. From the Notes menu, select Export Notes. For the export format, choose Notes in Plain Text.

Rather than edit in Word, however, I’d recommend editing in Excel or some other spreadsheet application, as this will make it easier to import the edited notes later. Depending on your spreadsheet application, you may need to change the suffix of the exported file from .txt to .csv, and you may need to specify that the fields are separated by tabs rather than commas or semicolons.

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Thanks! I’ll use excel then :smile: