How to configure a note such that cards are scheduled in a given order

I’d like to create some “multi-step” notes, in order to split a heavy question into multiple sub-questions, each on one card. Each sub-question, however, requires precisely the knowledge (or at least, having seen) of the previous sub-questions, so I don’t want to simply split that note into multiple notes and risking of seeing sub-questions into wrong order, and also templating allows me to re-use other fields present in the note to give a bit more context when the question shows up automatically, which would not be possible if I had independent notes.

My question is therefore: is it possible to configure the note type (and not the deck nor each card generated) so that, for example card 1 is given higher priority than card 2, and so on for every card, when I insert them into my collection when creating the note?

I think Anki already does that:

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These come to mind:

  1. Multiple C1 clozes JavaScript – coupled with add-on “Edit during review” to mark failed questions.
  2. Add-on ‘Open one, close all’
  3. Add-on Reschedule in the Browser.