How to check if one of two chosen fields in the front review are emty so that it will not show the card

So i have a card looks like this (I will give them the number for easier viewing).

As in the picture, I leave the third field blank.
I have three types of cards (front preview - back preview)
2,5 - 1
3,5 - 1
4,5 - 1
And as in the picture, the third field is empty but it still show the other (which mean 5).
It makes my decks one more useless card and I don’t want it.
How can I fix that ?
Thank you!

You can use a conditional field:

Normally a card would be generated if either the expression or notes field had text
in it. If you only wanted a card generated if expression was not empty, then you could
change the template to this:

For further details see Conditional Replacement.