How to add extra fields to built-in Image Occlusion note type?

I would like to add extra information on the back of the card with the native Image Occlusion card type.
When I try to add extra field on the back of the card, it’s not showing up.
I pressed the “Add Field” button in hte middle then selected “Back Extra” field, but it’s not showing up.
What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!

Your approach looks correct. Did you put some text in that field?

Which field?
If you mean Back extra, then no I did not put any text.

I’m using Linux, but I will try on Win 11, see if it works there

You should be able to access the “extra” fields by clicking the blue button in the top toolbar:


I don’t know how I missed that. I knew about that button, but I thought it had a different purpose, so I didn’t even try it.

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By the way, what do you recommend - native or Image Occlusion Enhanced?

Personally, I use Image Occlusion Enhanced because I’ve been using it for a long time and have already created a lot of notes with it. Also, it offers a few features that are still missing from native Image Occlusion.

However, for most purposes, I would recommend using the native version of IO:

  1. Despite being a relatively recent addition to Anki, it is already very solid and covers most/all important features of IOE.
  2. It is likely a safer choice in the long term, as support for it is less likely to be discontinued (since it is integrated into Anki itself and does not depend on an add-on).
  3. It has better compatibility with AnkiMobile and AnkiDroid.
  4. Native IO might be a better choice if you use the Bury Siblings feature. In native IO, for each occluded image, every card is added as part of the same note, whereas IOE adds each card as a separate note, resulting in the cards not being considered siblings.

On a side note, if I recall correctly, Glutanimate (the creator of Image Occlusion Enhanced) is developing a new version of the add-on, which aims to improve the functionality of native IO.


Thanks for the detailed response.
What kind of compatibility issues there are with Android using IOE?

Mainly, you can’t use AnkiDroid or AnkiMobile to add new IOE notes. Additionally, you can’t edit existing IOE masks, since both these functionalities rely on the add-on, and plugins are not available on mobile.

Oh ok. I’ll probably stick to native then.

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