How to add duplicate note with URL Scheme

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I’m a father from China, and I have two kids. I’ve been using Anki to assist them with their English studies. To facilitate this, I have provided each of them with their own deck. I utilize the URL Scheme feature to add English word notes to their respective Anki decks. However, I’ve encountered an issue when adding a note to my son’s deck. If there is already a note with the same first field in my daughter’s deck, the Anki app displays an error warning stating “A note with the same first field already exists.” Oddly enough, if I manually add the note in the Anki app, I can still include a duplicate note, indicated by a red circle notification.

I’m curious if there is a way to add duplicate notes using the URL Scheme. This would be incredibly helpful, as it would greatly reduce the amount of work required, especially when combined with the Shortcuts app and AI-generated English examples for my children.

I think the standard solution would be to create separate profiles for each person.

See for instance Preferences - AnkiMobile Manual which says “Profiles allow multiple users to study with the same device.”

The above documentation page is for AnkiMobile on iPhone, but I think it would work the same on Android.

I’m aware that having individual profiles could address the issue, but it’s not practical for my kids as they share a single iPad and my little son is only 5 years old. Additionally, the Anki app on iOS lacks automatic sync upon exiting.

I meant individual Anki profiles, not separate iPad user (family sharing) profiles.

On AnkiMobile, you can tap the gear icon to get the Preferences screen, then tap Profiles. It only takes a few seconds to switch Anki profiles.

Thanks for getting back to me. Regarding the profile mentioned earlier, I’m still puzzled about why the URL Scheme method fails to produce a duplicate note when it’s achievable through manual means. I hope the developer can incorporate a fresh URL Scheme to address this.

Maybe the URL Scheme way doesn’t provide an opportunity for a warning popup to appear? I’ve never used it myself, though.

You can use dupes=1. URL Schemes - AnkiMobile Manual

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Thank you so much! With the addition of the “dupes” parameter, it is now possible to add duplicate notes. I am truly embarrassed that I overlooked this parameter while reading the documentation.

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