How to add a Sticky field to a template (card type)?

Anki mobile on iPhone/ipad doesn’t allow pinning of fields. Right ?

So at least I want to create a template that has one sticky field. (A field that remember it’s last input)

[Since you asked for me to answer, I’m answering – but I don’t know that I have much helpful to offer.]

I don’t know about the specifics of that in AnkiMobile, so I’ll take your word for it**. On Anki Desktop you certainly can sticky/pin a field on the Add/Edit screens (Adding/Editing - Anki Manual) – and that will be maintained when you choose that note type again. But it’s not a part of the card type/templates.

If there is text that you want to always appear on every card, you can do that on the template itself, and that’s possible on both platforms.

** Or is there a “Remember last input when adding” option where you manage note types/fields?

Thank you. I found a workaround to do it.

First I made an Anki deck on my computer. Then I added a field that remember it’s last input which Anki mobile doesn’t allow to do so. Then I exported apkg from the computer and imported it into anki on my iPad. That deck has been imported along with fields that I made in my computer. So now I can use those fields on my iPad by changing templates.

Anki mobile on iOS has no built-in feature to pin fields in editing mode. Even Ankidroid has the ability to pin fields.

I don’t think giving that feature to ios/ipados is not a very hard and time consuming task.

Do developers have a plan to add “pin field” feature to anki mobile in future? @dae

AnkiMobile respects the current pin state, but does not provide a button to toggle it. This is expected to change in the future, when the desktop editor is integrated.


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