How to access the cards?

Hello everyone,
I understand that anki cards are created as HTML. Where are they stored? I would like to access them so I could learn how to create some basic addons. I have some knowledge of HTML and Python.
Thank you for helping!

Well, if you want to change HTML, CSS or add some JavaScript, you could modify the card templates.

For add-on making, I guess you will need to get the source code from GitHub.

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The notes are stored in an SQLite database. This site may help you get a general idea of what’s going on under the hood:

The best way to get started with writing add-ons is to analyze the code of other add-ons (Add-ons → View Files).

Start out with simple add-ons and once you understand those, take a look at more complex ones.

Also, configure an IDE with Anki’s type hints. That makes life a lot easier: Getting Started - Writing Anki Add-ons

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Thank you all, it was helpful!

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