How I create a deck tree (sub deck etc....)?

Hi, I try to understand, how I can create a tree of main deck - sub deck - super deck etc.
I´ve looked into the manual (Anki Manual). There stands, that the symbol “::” should be used to create different levels of decks.
I don´t have any clue, where I should add the “::” within my Anki desktop resp. my Anki App (Iphone).
Currently I use approx. 2000 cards, but all “parallel” with some main decks.
Hope you can help me… Best regards from Berlin

Just create a new deck and rename it to something like super_deck::some_name to nest it under super_deck (from the gears button next to the deck name). Then you can move some cards from the super/parent deck to the new deck from the card browser.


Thanks, this has worked.
No chance to find it out for me by just reading the manual… :grimacing:

For completeness, you can also drag and drop decks onto each other.

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