How do I actually delete review histories with FSRS?

When I go to the browser and select “forget” it says it reset the card, but when I pull up the card info (even after closing and re-opening Anki) it shows the review history still and my cards try to have over 1 month long graduating intervals for “good” despite selecting “forget”.

Desired retention is 93% and my paramaeters currently are:

3.5298, 3.5298, 18.6647, 64.0936, 4.3067, 2.1855, 3.1862, 0.0367, 1.8952, 0.2298, 1.3752, 2.2108, 0.1207, 0.5419, 1.8077, 0.0216, 5.5257

The only built-in way is to export without scheduling, delete, and re-import.

I was afraid that was the only way. I guess I’ll just have to be patient while I retrain FSRS by correctly grading cards for quite a while before I can expect to see the changes I want.

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