Hiding parts on pictures that contain multiple names of organs

Hi there,
I have just installed the iPad app and created a deck to study anatomy. I have pictures of different complicated systems that have names of organs written by the arrows that point to the actual organ, and I want to know if there is any way I can hide those specific names on the front side of the card so that I can train myself to remember them. Thanks for any advice.

That’s a perfect job for Image Occlusion, which is unfortunately only available (AFAIK) for Anki Desktop, not Anki Mobile. The good thing is that Anki was made to be used as seamlessly as possible on multiple devices, so it’s as easy as creating an ankiweb account to sync between AnkiMobile (what you currently have) and Anki Desktop. However, to do so you will need an access to a computer. If you don’t, I don’t know of any solution…

Also note that, besides Anki Mobile, everything else is free: the 25$ already include everything.


Also please note Image Occlusion is not a native feature of Anki Desktop, but there are several add-ons that enable it, the most popular being Image Occlusion Enhanced - AnkiWeb.