Help with Bionic Reading Code

Do you learn medicine in German? Don’t tell me you specifically learned the language just to study there (I’m assuming Egyptian=born in Egypt)

Yes I did.

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Oh I see it now.
So if i want to apply it to all my notes, do I just put all my decks in one large deck and type the name of that deck into the beeline :question:

If you have a variety of note types, you will need to specify each of them in the options.
Perhaps you may want to duplicate your collection in a new profile and test it to see if it works as expected.

Regarding the beeline addon, I tried it and it is not working at all.

Here is what my normal note looks like


When I beeline it, the reviewer does not recognize cloze cards anymore

This returns back to normal once I unbeeline it.

When i look into the browser, i find that the addon has not really put all the text into a color gradient. There are large swathes of text that are not in a gradient at all.

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