[Help] Saving and restoring last scroll position per card

Is there a script that remembers and displays the scrolled position on the front, back, and next card of each card?

For example, when updating from the back of a card to the next card, the scrolling position is forced to the top left.

I’d like to keep the large image that requires scrolling at the position I was looking at, since the next image is the same.
Is there any way to fix this?

For card back sides, Anki will scroll to the HTML element with id “answer”. That’s why the default templates look like this:

<hr id=answer>

If you find yourself scrolling each time before asking or answering a question, you probably should adjust your card templates. Reasons may be redundant information you should really remove or hide, wrong positioning of the essential information or “answer” element, or unnecessarily large images. All of these are easy to remedy. Just ask if you need guidance.
Preserving the scroll position across cards, apart from being hard to implement, seems to only replace one problem with another: Then instead of having to scroll each time for the currently broken templates, you will have to scroll whenever cards with different template are mixed in, or if you last scrolled to somewhere else for some reason.