Google summer of code

AnkiDroid is going to apply to Google Summer of Code. Our current proposal is on AnkiDroid - Google Summer of Code - Google Docs
If you don’t know what it is, Google pays an intern to contribute to some free software during the summer. The goal is for the intern to learn (that’s the point of internship), so this is not expected to lead to big change to the product, but may still improve it. The organization behind the free software must have two mentors by intern, in order to ensure that there is always one available.

In case you may be interested, DAE, and are able to write down a project you would accept to merge and want an intern to work on, I’d be more than happy to help mentor. I assume it would be possible to find other contributors to anki that would love to help too.
I’d love to have people working on add-ons, but honestly I don’t know how it would work since there is no add-on organitaion.

The deadline for submitting is the 19 of february.

By the way, @hengiesel, since you contributed a lot to ankidroid in 2020, maybe you’d be interested in mentoring. No obligation, just a suggestion.


Appreciate the offer, but really busy already I’m afraid.