"Get Shared" button opens a browser with HTML source

  • I downloaded, installed and ran Anki desktop, today.
  • At the main window, I click “Get Shared”
  • Chrome opens with HTML source

I tried another browser (opera) with the same results.

Kubuntu 20.4
chromium as default browser.

For some reason Anki on my linux machine opens a browser, not embedding the HTML.
The links inside the page are all local.
I assume there should’ve been an internal web server or web browser.

edit I eventually found the direct link: Shared Decks - AnkiWeb
Still, it’s worth checking, because there are other places in the application where a browser is opened showing just a cached file without “html” extension.

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Anki asks Qt to call your configured browser. Either your system is misconfigured, or it’s a bug in Qt.