Get decks in a particular profile

Hi, I am using Ankiconnect add on.
All the anki connect calls result gives information about only the current user.

Is there any way we can mention the profile name in the query to give results specific to the profile instead of the current profile?

I don’t think AnkiConnect supports that.

Hi Abdo, thank you. Is there any other way? At least by reading the file/database?

You can create a Collection object just like Anki does for the open profile and use its methods. Example:

col = Collection(os.path.join(, 'YOUR_PROFILE_NAME', 'collection.anki2'))

Refer to the add-on guide for some docs on available methods: The 'anki' Module - Writing Anki Add-ons

The Cross Profile Search and Import add-on works with multiple profiles and might be a useful reference.