Get Anki's CSS variables for colors


Is there a “correct way” to get the CSS for the Anki colors? Right now I am doing the following but it’s a bit hacky:

from aqt import colors
def get_colors(dark):
    """Get CSS string with Anki colors"""
    css = ":root {\n"
    for key, val in colors.__dict__.items():
        if type(val) is dict and (val_ := val.get('dark') if dark else val.get('light')):
            css += f'''   --{key.lower().replace('_', '-')}: {val_};\n'''
    css += '}'
    return css


Those colors can also be found in webview.css which gets distributed with Anki, or can be taken from out/sass/_root-vars.css when building from source.

Thanks, I interpret that as that there is no function/method to get them as an object or string?


As far as I’m aware, there isn’t.

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