Gather/Sort by sub-deck

Could a new gather or sort order be created such that ONE new card from each subdeck is shown before moving onto the next subdeck? This would then keep repeating in a cycle.


  • Sub-deck A
  • Sub-deck B
  • Sub-deck C

Display order: A, B, C, A, B, C, …

At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be something that allows this while keeping the order within the subdecks sequentially. It seems you can only randomise at the moment, but if you have notes that build on each other/previous cards (therefore you need to learn them in a sequential order), then there doesn’t seem to be an option to do the above.

Reason being it allows us to use the benefit of interleaving with the flexibility of deck options for each of the subdecks.

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I don’t think such a sort order is currently available – and I’m not sure it is technically possible to do.

(1) The main suggestion I have is – don’t do that. Outside of dependencies between siblings, each card should stand on its own, and not need other cards to make sense. Once these cards are introduced, they will each be on their own review path, and you can’t ensure they will ever appear on the same day again, let alone in the same order.

(2) If these cards are close enough to each other to study in the same session and interleaved, aren’t they close enough to use the same options – and possibly even be in the same deck? Make sure you aren’t unnecessarily separating cards into subdecks – Adding/Editing - Anki Manual.

(3) Regardless of whether you move them into the same deck. Consider whether you could use “Reposition” (Browsing - Anki Manual) to accomplish this interleaving of these separate sets of cards yourself in advance. That might get you closer to or even achieve your goal.

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Use the “Reposition New Cards” function. Calculate how much you have in stock. Choose the first deck and use the function of the above-mentioned Start position: 0 Step= the number of subclades. With the second subcool, you do the same only Start position: 1, etc.
This will work for new maps. But the repeatable ones will get mixed up anyway.
Perhaps filtered decks will help you with this.

Order added
Display cards that you added first (i.e. those cards that have the earliest creation date).

If you have flashcards that need to be taught in a certain order, then consider creating them using the addon record type:
# Enhanced Cloze (for Anki 2.1)

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Thanks both,
I perhaps shouldn’t have mentioned the reasons why. It’s the idea of say a language vocab deck that uses i+1 (learn one new card that builds on previous knowledge) or a science deck that builds on previously learnt topics, or really any deck where you want to retain the subdecks’ sort order (for whatever reason). Therefore, you may want say 80% retention on the vocab deck, but 90-95% retention for more critical topics, hence the different deck options rather than all in one deck.

However, it seems there is no functionality to do what I would like in an automatic manner, as the reposition feature would be time consuming, and not future proofed with new deck additions.

The alternative would may be to create a filtered deck to get close to achieving this effect? I’ll play around with the rules, but might not be ideal.

Perhaps Dae could look to implement this feature in a future update?

an addon implementing the idea of i+1

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Did you find any solution for this?

Can you please explain how this add on might help for the current problem?

I support this

Addon has a very detailed guide. Let me clarify that the addon solves exactly this problem: