"forget" function

is it possible to trigger the “forget” function (CTRL+ALT+N) while studying the card or create a different shortcut for it?

You can press b to open the browse screen, then use the shortcut. If that’s not convenient enough, could you elaborate on why you need to do so frequently?

Good morning Damien, here in Brazil we use Anki a lot to study for exams, and we have many question cards, sometimes imported from question sites.

In the study of new cards, eventually a card appears that we don’t want to study it now, we just want to throw it to the end of the queue (forget). I wouldn’t hide it (because it would come back the other day), I just want it to go to the end of the queue (LAST ID + 1).

By using an active study, the idea is not to have to leave the screen.


Card 1: Study
Card 2: Study
Card 3: Forget ( end of the queue - shortcut key)
Card 4: Study
Card 5: Forget ( end of the queue - shortcut key)
Card 6: Study
Card 7: Study
Card 8: Study

A shortcut on the study screen would make this interaction much more dynamic.

Edit: Your solution (pressing b) helps, but ideally, you don’t need to leave the screen to do so.

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Alternatively, you can use the Advanced Review Bottom Bar - AnkiWeb add-on and disable all the features it offers but the skip button. The add-on also lets you assign a shortcut key.

Hi. This addon skips the card, but doesn’t forget.

If I leave study mode and come back, they come back to be studied again. it does not change the “ID+1”

But thanks

I’ve also missed being able to forget a card directly from the review screen, but I suppose that adding that shortcut there would imply being forced to add the command in the “More” menu also, in order to keep homogeneity between usable shortcuts and visible menu options across the different screens.

On the other hand, I also understand certain reluctance to add more and more commands (that maybe only a small number of users will use) to the main screen, and that the goal (I suppose) is to keep it as simple as possible.

To find the right balance is complicated…

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Thanks all for the input. If we’re going to add the shortcut we should probably make it discoverable in the More area as well. I’ve added this to add Forget shortcut to reviewer More button · Issue #1641 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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