Font size with papercards?

I am very new to Anki. I loaded Anki 2.1.47 on my Linux Mint machine. I then loaded wkhtmltopdf 0.12.6 and the 2.1 papercards addon. I am able to config the papercards addon and print the cards; however, the font size is small and the text is left-justified when printed

How do I increase the text font to at least 16 and center the text on both sides of the card?

Thank you!

Solved by editing the font size to 130% and adding a text-align= center line within the exported HTML file and then converting the HTML file to pdf at command-line with the wkhtmltopdf program. I can print from HTML easily enough so don’t really need to convert the file to PDF.

If anyone knows of a simpler way to print the cards while controlling the text’s font size and alignment, please advise. My child’s teacher is old school and wants to see physical cards. I love the fact that Anki works across multiple platforms.