Fixed: Clean up HTML tags in notes

I was looking for a solution to get rid of all html tags in notes, and I wanted it to be done in bulk. The extension developed a few years ago didn’t work at all, and I finally discovered that we can use the recently introduced regexp search feature. Pretty neat and easy solution.

  1. select all cards/notes from which you want to remove html/css tags
  2. in the Find/Replace dialog, check “treat input as regular expression” and paste the following expression into the “Find” field
  3. Leave “Replace with” empty and press OK.

Be careful because this will get rid of italics and boldface too. And if you have any multi-line content in a field, it will merge the lines into one, because it will remove all <br> tags.


You are right, to keep
and italics/bold we can first create a substitution for them in some unique pattern, next apply the regexp as I mentioned, and then do a reverse substitution to bring back
, italics, bolds.

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