First weekday in Calendar does not persist after app restart

I recently discovered PR #928 (I can’t post links). Now I can change the first weekday to Monday, for example. And it stays that way after re-opening the statistics window. But it’s reset after closing the app. Next time I open the statistics, I have to change the first weekday again. It should persist after the setting is changed once.

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It should if you make any other change like reviewing a card after you make the change.

Yes, after I reviewed 1 card, the next time I opened the app Monday was still the first weekday. But do you disagree that this setting just have to be saved right away, without any “additional steps” (like reviewing a card)? I cannot tell from the way you structured your sentence. It’s not “It should if you make …” it just “should” with no conditions.

I agree that ideally it should work in such circumstances. But given that most users are unlikely to hit this issue, I’m afraid it’s not top priority at the moment.

The priority is a completely different topic. I just wanted to shed some light on this (small) issue. Eventually, I hope all (small) issues will be resolved.

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