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First Field is Empty Error

Hello. I’m new-ish to Anki and was trying to make my cards more pleasing to look at (using a background picture and centering the text vertically on the screen). Somehow, I managed to mess up all of my cards… Now, no matter what card type I try, I’m always getting the “The first field is empty” error.

Here is my card code for just my “Basic” card type:

But again, I cannot make ANY card types without throwing this error now.

Thank you for your help.

Also, if you know why the cards aren’t vertically centering still, I’d appreciate the info.

When you create a note type, you’re creating a set of fields and card types, and configuring the way your cards will look.

Once you’ve created a note type, you can start adding cards using that note type by adding content to the fields. It you try to add a card without any info in the first field, you’ll receive the message you’re referring to.

On the other hand, to center the cards vertically, you can use margin: 10% in the styling section of your template.

The error message you’re getting may be a bug in an add-on - please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions