Field descriptions

I suggest adding a possibility to provide a description for each custom field.
That would allow to provide hints in the UI on how to fill the fields properly.
For example

Field name Field Description
Word English word
IPA International Phonetic Transcription for all possible pronunciations, separated by semicolons
Meaning Meaning of the word in this example
Example Example sentence or phrase
Synonyms Word's synonyms that could be used in the same example
Register i.e. formal, informal, vulgar, legal, etc. (comma-separated list)
Image word's image file (picture), applicable to this example
Heterographs words that sound the same, but have different meaning and spelling (comma-separated list)

Great idea!

How would you like these descriptions to be represented in the UI? My first thought would be a tooltip that is shown when hovering the field name (or an info icon like in the new deck options)…


Yes, it could be a tooltip, or info icon.

Good idea! I would definitely use this.

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Or have the description show up as gray placeholder text in the empty field while creating a note


That would actually be the easiest solution to implement. Great idea @Ammar! :relaxed::+1:t2:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I created a PR:


Hey @Ammar, I just wanted to inform you that your suggestion is now implemented and will come in a future update:


@kleinerpirat that’s wonderful, thank you, but it’s not just me who suggested it :sweat_smile: