Fedora 35 and QTWebView


I recently tried running anki (latest) on a fresh install of Fedora 35. I ran into an issue which other seem to have had as well (QTWebview content no appearing) - all of the form threads and the troubleshooting guide suggest running anki with --no-sandbox

Ideally I would like to avoid that purely because I am not sure how much of a risk it is to disable the sandbox

I did some digging and it seems the issue is not with either SELinux or the firewall, I set SELinux to permissive and disabled the firewalld service to test - same issue

I could not find an open issue on github - would it be work opening one, is there likely to be a solution on the anki end?


Filing an issue won’t help, as this is not an issue with Anki itself. Presumably the issue has been fixed in the qt6 test version? New toolkit and packaging test (round 2)