Expand images automatically?

I know that I can automatically resize images down. But is there a way to automatically expand images to max window size?
I have a deck with musical notes and corresponding piano key.
The notes are really small and I would like to expand them, never mind the degradation in image quality.
Is there a way?
This is mostly for ankidroid but also for anki desktop.

There’s a few options you can try –

Thanks for the input Danika!
The image zoom seems to work on ankiDroid.
For image expansion to work also on the desktop version of anki with styling I can not see a solution.
I read the styling and html section before I posted the first question, and to me, it only covers how to resize image to smaller not how to make them expand. Perhaps I’m missing something?
It would be nice with a solution that works on both desktop and ankidroid at the same time, like if it can be done in styling.

My recollection is that you can use similar HTML/CSS to set minimum sizes for images, scaling sizes for images, etc. But you’ll have to give that some search/research on your own.

One of my decks has this css code:

border-radius: 20px;

Try to play with the “width” parameter.

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And then there is Prettify. It allows you to expand your image to screen width, either on hover or on click. You can check out the source files to see how it’s done:

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