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Editor: apply font color, background color, custom class, custom style [Official thread]

Awesome! it works! Thanks!

Fixed!! Thanks very much! xx

There probably got another error.
On my study page it shows

and the more information links to the page below

Everytime when I add a card, a window pop up

and I have to press yes, otherwise I can’t add the card.

Can you help again?
Thanks very much

This error is not related to this add-on. This means that you have a Cloze 1 card without a fitting cloze.

  1. Open the editor for this card. Look if there’s a section with {{c1:: anywhere.
  2. If there is not just use Tools > Empty Cards, like the dialog tells you to.
  3. If there is, maybe delete it and type it again.
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Hi. Great add-on: Does a really good job and I like the range of options.

When using the Active Entries tab of the Change Options dialogue, would like to request ability to sort and/or search entries.

Keep up the good work.

@Monkey I agree, those are both features which would be really helpful.
I think sorting entries is very likely to be in one of the next updates, searching I will see, because I’m not quite sure how to implement it yet.

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[SUGGESTION] Hello!, can you include the style editing tool, directly in the card review? Complementing the add-on “Edit field during review” (

Thanks for the add-on, it’s fantastic!

[sorry for writing, I don’t speak english]

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It is a cool idea, but there’s just so many tricky parts with editing in the reviewer, that I won’t look into it anytime soon. There’s too many other things I’d rather implement in the add-on.

If you up for trying something else, you can look into Persistent Editor, which won’t let you edit in the reviewer, but rather keeps the Editor window open and go along with the reviews, which means you don’t have to continually open and close it (there’s a gif demonstrating it). As you’re still using the editor, you can also the shortcuts in this case. (Disclaimer: I am the author of this add-on as well)

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