Edit card history in DB editor

I would like to switch to FSRS but I have a lot of manual reviews that can’t be taken into account and may cause the scheduling to be way off.

These reviews show in the card history as “manual”, with a rating of 0.

I’m thinking there must be something I can do with the DB to change the type from manual to review and change the rating from 0 to 2, 3 or 4 depending on how the interval changed (so 2 if the interval went down, 3 if it went up by a factor of 2 or less, 4 if it went up by more than that).

Anyone know if that can be done in DB Browser?

Also, does Anki store the flag history for cards anywhere?

You can try modifying the revlog table. Look for rows with type=4, which indicates rescheduling. But be careful when doing any manual changes to the DB and make sure to take backups.

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