Duplicate "last 12 months" and "all history" options in Stats

What is the purpose of “last 12 months” and “all history” options in the Stats, which are there at the top of the screenshots below.

The only function I can think of is to add/remove the “all” option in the graphs. But, the user can directly control the duration from the options above the graph. Why should the options be duplicated? If the purpose is to change the periods of all the graphs at once, it might make sense to use common controls for all the options (and not just 12m & all history). In that case, the options specific for the graphs should be removed.

By default, Anki loads last 12 months when you open statistics which can be quicker than to load the full history in a case you have several years or decades long history.

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I get your point. But it doesn’t necessitate duplication of the options. Even if the options are moved to the individual graphs, Anki can set the last 12 months option as the default when opening the stats.

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