Does Anki for desktop come with a replay button? Will night mode screw up the layout of this deck?

I’m working on a new deck, and I need to know.

  1. If a table is colored GRAY(f2f2f2) in every other row, is this going to mess up the layout if the user is using Night Mode?( I know the Mobile Anki comes with night mode, I suppose Desktop has a native Night mode too now).

  2. Does Anki Desktop come with a “replay” button now?

Here is a picture of the deck:

  1. I don’t think Anki will mess with with the table styling or layout in any way. But you can style the table differently in night mode using the CSS class night_mode.

  2. The replay button appears on More > Replay Audio when reviewing (you can also use R).


i agree with the fist part, but the thing is the colors that look good on light mode might not look good on night mode and might make reading text difficult. (i think that grey color would look good on both tho)

but just to add to this, from anki 2.1.20 a play button was added to the card. you can enable/disable that in Tools -> Preferences -> Show play button on cards with audio

Audio buttons are now shown on the card, and can be turned off in the preferences. They will show for both regular audio and text to speech.