Divide cards by hour instead of days

Is there any way to divide the revisions I have to do during the day by hours? for example, if I have 100 cards, I would like 10 cards to appear at 1 pm, then another 10 at 2 pm, another 10 at 3 pm and so on. Instead of all the cards I have to review appearing all at once, they would appear throughout the day.

Spaced Repetition does not work like that. You won’t have any benefit from hard-coding reviews based on the time of the day. During sleep, there is memory consolidation, so the next day you can review any of the cards as scheduled.

You can do multiple sessions across the day, so let’s assume you have 100 due cards and you want to review them all today, you could do three sessions or ten microsessions to follow your example. You just stop once you’ve done the reviews (even if there are more due) and that’s it.


When I want to break my cards up into several sessions during the course of a day – I use a filtered deck. Something like deck:deckname prop:due<=0 is enough, limited to 20 or 30 cards. (Make sure you Empty the deck when you’re done.) And then my last session of the day I do in the main deck, where I’ll get New cards too, not just Reviews.