Display field's name on cards


After hours of research, I finally ask here. In note type, I’d like to know how to display a field’s name in the same way as it does when I write {{Card}} to display the card’s name.


Couldn’t you just type out that field’s name in the template?

How exactly do you want to use this function?

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Update: Now that I know what you mean I will unhide the explanation again:

You can create HTML-snippets with Asset Manager - AnkiWeb and insert them into your template with the Label you defined for each snippet, like this:

For example, my source field is defined like this:

You would use the snippets like that in your Asset Manager template (field snippet labels are marked in purple):


Why though?

My use case for this seemingly unneccesary complication is the fact that I tend to experiment a lot with different field names and use emojis, but I wanted consistency within the template code.
This way I can easily swap out those names without affecting scripts that use those fields.

To answer to shallash, I want to use this function because I change quite often field’s names and on my templates for each field I write the name of the field on the frontside. So when I change the field’s name I also have to manually change it on the template…

Kleinerpirat, merci pour ton aide ! Regarding what I’m looking for, can’t your idea work ?

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Actually, that is exactly what the method I explained in the post above is for! :smiley:
I just didn’t understand from your original post whether you wanted that or not.

So you only need to get Asset Manager running and do the same thing I did.