Discontinue of 32bit windows ver is inappropriate, is it technical or thinks of no more demand?


why 32bit win desktop no longer available? is this because

  1. some library no longer provide 32bit version, so anki cant run on 32bit?
  2. the author(s) think 32bit no longer in use?

is it possible someone will compile a 32bit? thanks

self experience:

I just found a 10inch win10 tablet is quite heavy at 600g,
while those 8inch ATOM wintabs i bought in 2014, 2016 and 2017 are just 300g.
their models are: CPU are all 64bit but the uefi forced them differently
asus m80ta, can only do 32bit win10, can up to 22h2. /w wacom.
wmp8, same as above. /wo wacom.
jumper mini4s, can only do 64bit win10, can up to 22h2. /wo wacom.

concisely they are all 2G ram, 32-64GB emmc. slow like hell if browse with chrome.

BUT they function well with mindmanager, onenote, PDF editors so anki should be OK!

i just found they are the BEST for mobile!

i guess MS now also use the GPU for processing ordinary thing, so they run faster then before, when running win8.


Some of our upstream tools no longer support 32 bit, and I do not have the spare resources to try to continue to support it I’m afraid.

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You can try running Anki from the Python Wheel on your 32-bit system https://betas.ankiweb.net/#via-pypipip. I don’t think Python would be fussy about having 32- vs 64-bits.

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will try when free, thanks

That will not work, as the wheel contains a native library.

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