Disabling the extra resources buttons (First Aid, Sketchy, etc.) on AnKing cards


I am using Anki as a US medical student. I noticed recently, the photos/info that are usually found in the extra resources part of the back of the card (First Aid, Sketchy, Pathoma, etc.) are hidden behind a button. To see the images, you have to click the button. For someone doing 500-1000 cards a day, this is very tedious so I usually just don’t look at the images, but I’d like to! Is there a way to disable those buttons so that the images just show up on the bottom of the card when I answer it? Thanks!

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Hi, Download AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) addon AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) - AnkiWeb

Import notes, go to Anking Overhaul tab → Fields to disable the fields that you don’t want to see during your reviews (they will still appear in your editor & browser)

Hint Buttons to Auto-Reveal the fields that you want them to appear automatically during reviews without needing to click on the button of the field.

It’s better to ask future questions about Anking on MedSchoolAnki subreddit as most people here are using Anki for different purposes.


Thank you! Very helpful!

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