Disabling audio autoplay for certain fields


I would like to add to my cards an example sentence audio that is not played automatically when the card is displayed. I would like the play button a appear and the sound to be played only if I press the button. Is it possible to do that?

Thanks in advance


I’m afraid this is not currently possible to control on a per-field basis - but there is a setting in the deck options to disable or enable autoplay for a given deck.

You can add this script in front template, as a result, the sound that is specified in the template first, pronunciation of a word for example, will be played. Other files will not play.


onShownHook.push(function () {

  typeans = document.getElementById("typeans");

  if (typeans) {





Unfortunately, it did not work. But I found another code on Reddit that worked:

  var elem = document.querySelector(".soundLink, .replaybutton"); // AnkiMobile & AnkiDroid / AnkiDesktop
  if (elem) { elem.click(); }

But the problem with this code is that, when you disable the autoplay, it still plays the first audio. Is there a solution for this? Thanks in advance.

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Many thanks for this solution: I had been looking for a solution to playing first audio on a card. Finer control on a per-field basis would be great (one for the wishlist perhaps?)

I am not really good with codes but I have found some links that might help you:

See my post for a solution: Controlling display and function of audio buttons


The snippet cited by lingthusiast worked for me, however, only on desktop and not in AnkiDroid. What made it work on both platorms was

	var elem = document.querySelector(".soundLink, .replaybutton");
	if (elem) { 
		window.onload = function(){
			var elem = document.querySelector(".soundLink, .replaybutton");
			if (elem) { elem.click();}

but then I had to disable automatic playback of audio fields for the deck in AnkiDroid.